Feb. 27th, 2010

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I casually mentioned to my Big Boss Erin that I was doing this presentation. I was totally surprised by how excited she got! I know she's not Christian but we've never had the big religion discussion...I suspect she's quietly pagan or agnostic. It could go either way with her personality. I say that because yesterday I told her I had dinner plans with my friend Rhoni at Babe's Burgers (THE most awesome burger/onion ring joint in San Antonio).

Babe's is ALWAYS busy. I've been there at all hours and no matter what the time, there is always a line to the door, a fight to find an open table and zillions of people. It is totally worth the hassle because honest to god I love their onion rings! But since its Lent I was hoping it would be a little less packed. I jokingly told Erin "Hooray for being a meat-eating heathen!" She laughed and said "Now you're talking!"

So yeah....I speculate she's pagan. Her husband is a professional folk singer/hippie.

Erin has offered to critique my slide show for my presentation and she pointed me in the direction of slide show templates with the company logo. She's been extremely supportive and encouraging about all of this, which is really cool and refreshing.

Still dont have a date yet on when the presentation will be. This is leading to some anxiety for me. Public speaking makes me incredibly nervous. I'm fine once I'm there and doing it, but the build up to get there is agonizing for me and creates a lot of stress. There's no rational reason for me to be this stressed about it. I know the material way better than the people who will be attending so its not like someone is gonna stand up and point out how wrong I am. But gah...the nerves are all tweaked right now.

Just. Breathe.


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