Mar. 22nd, 2010

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Saturday I had Rhoni and her son over for a night of TV watching and my World Famous Tacos. Jared was kinda bummed that he was missing Taco Night due to work so I told him that if he woke me up when he got home from work, I would make him fresh tacos. He gets off work at 2:30am.

We stuffed ourselves silly with taco goodness, Rhoni and I. She left around 10pm and shortly thereafter I lapsed into my Food Coma. I woke up around 2am so I figured I'd watch a little TV and make Jared's tacos when he walked in the door.

3am rolls around. No Jared. I get a little concerned because he took the car and he's pretty new to driving. 3:30 hits and my concern starts to drift into Worry. I start thinking that any minute now I'm gonna get a call from the hospital or something equally horrific.

Finally around 3:45 I cant stand it any longer. I call his cell and he answers. Now, I will preface this by saying I did NOT begin the phone call saying "Get your ass home!" I did ask him where he was and he told me he was still at work, chatting with the security guards who he had befriended. He then tells me he's leaving now.

And I hear the guys in the background laughing their asses off!

Apparently right before I called, Jared had just finished telling the guys that oh no, his old lady didnt mind him hanging out after work because she was asleep! I found this highly amusing, so I said "Awwww...did I make you look bad in front of your new friends?" Jared kinda chuckled and then got all cute and poutily said "Yes!" So I gave him permission to save face in front of the Homies.

He fires back yelling into the phone, "Dont give me no lip woman! I'll be home when I'm damned good and ready to be home!"

When I hung up, the guys were laughing even harder. And yes, he did get his tacos.


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