Apr. 5th, 2010

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Just when you think people havent gotten low enough...

You might recall hearing last month about a girl in Mississippi named Constance McMillan. She lives in northern MS and attends a school in Itawamba. There was a buzz because Constance wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom. Oh, and she wanted to wear a tux. When she asked school officials for the ok, they predictably told her no. Not only did they tell her no, to make sure she didnt gate crash they cancelled prom altogether!

As shy and withdrawn as I was in high school, I probably would have tucked my tail between my legs and crawled under a rock until people forgot who I was. Constance, however, stood up for herself. The ACLU got involved on Constance's behalf and not surprisingly the school district tried to avoid the hot water it was suddenly finding itself in.

The school district's attorneys told the Judge that Constance (and all the kids) were being invited to a parent-sponsored prom being held somewhere in town. Based upon the way they presented the situation, the Judge did not grant the injunction forcing them to allow Constance to go to prom. Because according to them, this parent-sponsored event was open to everyone - including Constance. It didnt seem like a perfect solution, but it was better than nothing, right?

Except it was all a lie.

Oh, Constance was invited to a prom. A FAKE prom...where only she and 7 other kids attended. I'll bet the other kids were also gay or Constance's loudest supporters. Meanwhile, the REST of the kids were at the "real" prom which was held at a "secret location".

I'm beyond shocked. Am I shocked about discrimination against a lesbian? Not at all. Am I shocked that this took place in Bumpkinville? Nope. However, I am shocked that these people stood in a courtroom just a few days ago and completely misrepresented the situation to buy themselves enough time to effectively screw over a kid who committed the heinous crime of standing up for her rights.

At this point its unclear who is behind all of this. There's rumors that school officials were involved in helping set up the fake prom scenario but that may or may not be true. Personally I think its true because how on earth could you plan such an elaborate scam without the school administrators?

Shame, shame, shame on you Mississippi. And Constance? I hope you sue the SHIT outta them.


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