Jun. 7th, 2010

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I have never, ever liked my name. For as long as I can remember, whenever I'd hear someone call my name I've had an urge to yell out "That's not my name!!" because it just doesnt feel like ME.

Dydan is me and has been for a long time now. I'd much rather people call me by that name. I've been wanting to get it legally changed...I just need to cough up the money and time to get it done.
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Izzy is in heat. Yes yes I know I know...get the damn bitch fixed already. Thankfully both Caesar and Thor are sans cojones so there wont be any baby kittens.

Anyways...Izzy is doing her usual game of chirping and writhing on the floor like a harlot to get attention. Caesar could care less. Thor, however, is another story. He keeps trying to mount her only his lack of intelligence has presented a barrier in getting the deed done. He keeps trying to pin her down and he's definitely got the bite her neck part down. But he cant figure out what to do past that. He ends up humping her back, or worse - her head. In the meantime, Izzy gets all pissed and frustrated that she's not getting the goods so she hisses at him and he runs off to soothe his wounded ego. And then 10 seconds later he's back at it for another attempt.

Maybe I should queue up some nature documentaries on the Netflix? You know...instructional videos!


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