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Well, predictably my "Boycott BP" LJ/FB friend de-friended me this morning. She never once even approached me to have any kind of conversation - not during ANY of this. How adult! Sad, really because up until now I actually LIKED her. Ah well. If you're House of Cards is so fragile that it collapses under the weight of an opposing viewpoint and makes you have a tizzy, then by all means dont let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Late last night I saw an article about how poorly BP is doing financially since this whole thing happened. Their stock is plummeting and there's already a flood of lawsuits being filed. The article even mentioned the possibility of BP declaring bankruptcy. It made me consider something I had not thought of before. Let's just say for the sake of the argument that boycotting BP is a great idea. And let's just say that the campaign to boycott them is so wildly successful that people manage to put BP out of business. Who is going to handle the clean-up of the worst ecological disaster in human history? What, should we to tell Exxon or Shell that they need to cough up some dough? That would be like telling McDonalds they have to pay for the aftermath of thousands of people being poisoned by Burger King's shitty fries! So who pays for that? WE DO.

Makes me wonder how much bitching those boycotters will be doing when they learn that little lesson. If they thought bailing out the banks and the auto industry was bad, wait til they see the price tag on the Gulf cleanup!
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