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I thought long and hard overnight about my move to DW. When I told Jared last night about the creepy staff stalking incident along with the staff trolling going on he was astounded.

Before we went to bed, I changed my browser's home page to DW. That was...HUGE for me as LJ has been my default home page for YEARS now.

I'm a little sad that some of my beloved LJ friends wont be migrating. I understand not everyone is going to care or have the issue I have with all of this. And truthfully, since the bulk of my posting is under an F-lock, I am minimally affected by the whole LiveTwitFace issue. But the stalking? The harassment? Deleting comments? That's just not something I am willing to endorse with my hard-earned dollars and the site traffic my blog draws in. And while I am well-aware that my little blog pales in comparison to the traffic the more "famous" LJ'ers bring, I still feel that my defection will add to the growing numbers of other loyal users who have left for safer harbor.

Dreamwidth is far from perfect. They are still relatively young and are right now a small pond. And that's ok. I remember when LJ was a small pond and right now I feel like I've been foolishly holding on to that fond memory in the hopes that the Russian Mafia at SUP would return LJ to those glory days. They wont. They simply dont care. And that's fine...it is a business after all and they are free to run it or mismanage it however they want to.

Doesnt mean I have to stay there and be a party to that. And I wont.

Guess I'll be hosting and/or participating in a few Friending Frenzies! But at least here in DW I wont be stalked/harassed by the staff.
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