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Cookies are baked and packaged to take to work tomorrow,  hooray!  Of course, I had to taste test a few.  Oh, the cruelties one must endure! 

Rhoni came by for some counsel.  She was pretty upset but once it got talked out she seemed more resolute.  She's in the midst of some change in her life and its scary and exciting all at the same time.  In the last week or so, things shifted into focus for her and she was back to being the old Rhoni I love.  Some shit cropped up today in her professional life that kinda threatened to take the wind out of her sails and slow her momentum and she was struggling with the decision to let it go.  I'm proud that once she got past the emotional part of it she saw it for what it was and she felt much more confident about walking away from something that was no longer healthy for her. 

I'm always struck by these moments of synchronicity.  My coven sister and best friend is sitting here in tears as she tells me about how she feels about this situation and the things she is saying are almost identical to the things I said last night to Jared as I debated leaving LJ behind. 

In the end, we've both chosen to leave situations that were no longer good for us.  And like I told Rhoni, when you clear out something that's no longer good for you, it only creates space in your life to be filled with GOOD things.  Things that contribute to your growth and your soul's evolution. 

What's funny is that right before she called me on the phone I was sitting here having the internal debate about leaving LJ for the zillionth time today.  Was I being too rash?  Too judgemental?  Was I making a mountain out of a molehill?  And then here comes my coven Dedicant asking for advice about a situation that had the same questions.  We both sat here and confirmed what we already knew in our deepest heart: that this is the right decision. 

I love moments like this when you feel the Goddess move within you in the most mundane of things.  We're all students and teachers to each other.  At least that's how I think it ought to be.  

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