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Birch Barlow's report on the BP Gulf spill made Marge Simpson so angry she felt hot tears welling in her eyes. She wasnt mad at Barlow or Springfield's FOX affiliate for showing images of oil-soaked pelicans and dead dolphins that had washed ashore. No, she was downright angry at the whole mess. She was especially angry at the horrible way BP was handling this nightmare. What kind of future could Bart, Lisa and Maggie look forward to when there was a corporation out there polluting the planet? She turned off the TV in disgust right as Barlow was showing images of a pelican nest soaked in oil. Maybe catching up on her email would cheer her up and bring her some welcome news.

"Great!", she thought, "A letter from Selma!" Marge clicked her mouse to open the note from her sister. Her hope that her mood would get better quickly evaporated as she read the words from her softly glowing screen.

British Petroleum(BP) rep Randy Prescott made a comment, “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp.” His office phone number is (713)323-4093 his email is randy.prescott@bp.com Give him a call or send an email! Tell him “BP isn’t the only place that has fuel for my car!

Marge's growl of disgust and outrage was so loud that even Santa's Little Helper dove under the couch to hide from her wrath. How dare he!! She grabbed her phone and immediately dialed the phone number provided in the email. The phone number went straight to a recording of a cherry English woman's voice. The woman thanked her for her concerns over the crisis and said that BP was committed to doing everything it could to remedy the situation in the Gulf. Before the line disconnected, the cherry lady thanked her for her loyal support of the BP brand.

"That's ok", Marge thought, "this Prescott fellow must have gotten so many phone calls that he had to set up that announcement. I'll just email him!" The tips of Marge's fingernails clicked with cool efficiency as she quickly typed her email. She made sure to be polite. After all, isnt that the lesson she was continually stressing to Bart? "Be polite, Bart. Be polite!" Her email to BP was polite, but she firmly told BP that until this mess was settled, neither Marge nor anyone she knew would patronize another BP gas station.

"Hit them in the pocketbook!", she told Santa's Little Helper as she poked her head out from under the couch. "When people stop pumping their gas maybe they'll get serious about doing what's right!" Marge nodded firmly to Santa's Little Helper and shut her laptop just as Maggie's baby monitor signaled that Maggie was up from her nap. Time to get the kids from school!

After changing Maggie's diaper and securing her in the car seat, Marge headed down the road to gather her remaining brood. As usual, Bart had detention. Thankfully Lisa didnt seem to mind staying after school and waiting for Bart to get done writing his sentences on the chalkboard. It gave Lisa time to practice her saxophone in the band room. As Marge rounded the circular drive and pulled in front of the building, she gave a few quick toots of the car horn, laughing softly as Maggie followed suit with her own miniature toy steering wheel. Seconds later, Bart and Lisa were scampering down the steps, racing each other to the car for the "best seat". Marge's heart swelled with a moment of motherly love. Oh, to be so carefree and innocent...where the only worry was where you sat in Mom's car! Marge pulled away from the school, making her way across Springfield to shop for the night's dinner for her family.

She got about a mile down the road when the car beeped to let her know that she needed gas! No problem, Apu's Kwik-E-Mart was on the way to Springfield's grocery store. She pulled into the Kwik-E-Mart's parking lot, quickly spotting Apu tending to the Slurpee Machine near the big glass window. As Marge pulled up to a pump, she noticed the familiar green BP logo. She frowned a little and gave a little groan as the memory of oil-soaked wildlife flashed into her consciousness. Apu was a friend. His darling wife Manjula always had a kind word for Marge when they bumped into each other in town. And Marge couldnt help but melt at the sight of their growing family. All six of the Nahasapeemapetilon children were as endearing as their parents. Marge tightened her jaw and shook her head. This wasnt about Apu and his family. This was about teaching BP a lesson! As Marge pulled away from Apu's Kwik-E-mart, she tried to ignore the confused and bewildered look on Apu's face as he watched her drive away. Marge's search for a gas station ended up taking her 20 miles out of the way, well into Shelbyville, but she went to bed that night feeling like she was doing the right thing. Why, just imagine what sort of response there would be if EVERYONE boycotted BP!

The next morning, Marge seemed to be in a hurry to get the kids off to school. Homer barely got a kiss on the cheek as he left for work. With Maggie happily watching the latest "Itchy and Scratchy" cartoon, Marge sat down to email all her friends. She forwarded them the information about BP, urging all of them to boycott the Kwik-E-Mart. Before she hit the "SEND" button, Marge sat back and read her masterpiece essay, confident that her friends would be as inspired to take action as she was.

And it worked. Marge's email sent off a chain of events that would affect Springfield's population far longer than she could have imagined.

Within the first month, Apu's sales had dropped so significantly that he was forced to lay off his brother Sanjay. Thankfully, Sanjay had just obtained his U.S. Citizenship. With his new wife pregnant with their first child, they were extremely grateful to get government assistance to help them while Sanjay was unemployed. Apu promised Sanjay that as soon as the furor over BP died down he would be able to return to the store. Three months after the boycott began, Sanjay was still unemployed, his wife closer to giving birth to their first child. When he started having trouble paying rent on their small apartment, the landlord evicted him. Although space was cramped, Apu invited his brother to stay with them. "Until you get on your feet.", he said.

Unfortunately the following month, Apu's mounting debt and lack of sales forced him to close the Kwik-E-Mart. Five months after the boycott began, Apu's family joined Sanjay's family in obtaining welfare assistance.

Soon afterwards, the donut store that was next to the Kwik-E-Mart closed its doors as well. With the decreased foot traffic, they simply couldnt keep up with the rent on the building. Homer was really disappointed because he liked their jelly donuts, but he soon began making the extra trip into Shelbyville for his donuts. Sure, the drive was further and it meant Marge had to gas up the station wagon more than once during the week, but by golly these were donuts!

Marge had to start cutting corners on things because the added expense in gas started making a dent in their budget. She tried not to cry in front of Lisa when she had to cancel Lisa's private saxophone lessons.

Chief Wiggum's gas consumption also shot up now that the police cruisers had to go to Shelbyville to get their gas. In fact, the whole town of Springfield started spending more in gas each week as they made the pilgrimage to the non-BP gas station closest to them. The restaurants saw less and less patrons. A Saturday night at the movie theater started to be a rare occurence for much of the town. Even Reverend Lovejoy felt the pinch as his collection plate looked smaller and smaller with each passing Sunday service. But, people in Springfield were sturdy folk. They persevered, going about their daily lives and letting the days blend into each other.

Finally, after a year of no activity, Marge saw the tell-tale signs of construction at the site of Apu's old Kwik-E-Mart! The construction crew seemed to work at a furious pace and prompted quite a bit of excitement among Springfield's residents. Obviously, a new gas station was coming in, much to the delight of everyone. But who? The sign once bearing the BP logo was covered with a black tarp. Finally, after a few weeks, the Grand Opening was advertised on the nightly newscast by Birch Barlow.

"Join us this Saturday as Springfield's finest welcomes Amoco gas to our family of fine Springfield merchants!"

Marge was elated to see Apu working at the cash register. He looked thinner and weary, but his eyes held their familiar sparkle. Marge's eyes welled with tears as Apu told her how difficult the last year had been for his family. Thankfully Amoco hired him. The pay was significantly lower than what he made as owner of the Kwik-E-Mart, but it would be enough for him to slowly pay off his debts and provide for his family. Sanjay was still looking for work, but Apu was hopeful he could help his brother get hired on at Amoco.

Later that evening, Marge wrote in her FaceBook that she was glad to see that a new gas station was closer to home - and that her plan to get rid of BP from Springfield had worked. It was a rough year of sacrifice for everyone, but in the end everything was for the better! Nearly all of her friends agreed.

Except for the one who told her that Amoco is owned by......BP.
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Izzy is in heat. Yes yes I know I know...get the damn bitch fixed already. Thankfully both Caesar and Thor are sans cojones so there wont be any baby kittens.

Anyways...Izzy is doing her usual game of chirping and writhing on the floor like a harlot to get attention. Caesar could care less. Thor, however, is another story. He keeps trying to mount her only his lack of intelligence has presented a barrier in getting the deed done. He keeps trying to pin her down and he's definitely got the bite her neck part down. But he cant figure out what to do past that. He ends up humping her back, or worse - her head. In the meantime, Izzy gets all pissed and frustrated that she's not getting the goods so she hisses at him and he runs off to soothe his wounded ego. And then 10 seconds later he's back at it for another attempt.

Maybe I should queue up some nature documentaries on the Netflix? You know...instructional videos!
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I have never, ever liked my name. For as long as I can remember, whenever I'd hear someone call my name I've had an urge to yell out "That's not my name!!" because it just doesnt feel like ME.

Dydan is me and has been for a long time now. I'd much rather people call me by that name. I've been wanting to get it legally changed...I just need to cough up the money and time to get it done.
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The super-awesome Twirl-a-licious [livejournal.com profile] twirlandswirl is kicking off the weekend with a Friending Frenzy! Go HERE and make friends!!

The power of the Monkey compells you!
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Holy crap that storm we got last night was awesome! We lost power very briefly, much to the dismay of Jared who has been deep into playing Fallout 3. His anguished "nnnnnoooooooooo" when the lights went out was epic! We sat on the patio watching the wind howl in the trees. The rain was coming down in sheets but the air was so nice and cool! It was a little scary though. I started peeking over the railing until Jared told me to be careful about being close to metal rails. Course, he was sitting on a metal chair so he would have been equally fried if lightning had hit us. I do think there was a strike VERY close by because after we went inside there was a clap of thunder so loud it literally shook the apartment building. CREEPY! But cool. I love a good summer storm!
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That was only possible with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. And it didnt work out that well for them.
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A couple of my social workers from work just came back from some open house
dealio on the Psych ward. They had a caterer and a harpist playing tunes.
What was he playing for the patients?

The theme from Mahogany.

Do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that life is
showing you?

That's just wrong...wrong!!
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Absolutely! Cars have personalities!

In High School I had a friend who had this hideous Hornet. I dont remember what year the car was but it was painted that god awful 70's tan that looked like baby diarrhea. The car was possessed - or at least that's what we firmly believed. Its official name was Horace the Horny Hornet. Horace had a way of mysteriously shutting the door abruptly as you'd climb in, always somehow finding a way to pinch your ass - hence the Horny part. Horace was like Christine. We were scared to ride in him, but even more scared about offending him. Horace bore witness to a lot of my adolescent shenanigans.

These days we have a black 2003 VW Passat. Her name is Black Betty (Bam-a-lam). She's a sexy, purring kitten. No sign of possession so far.
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This weekend brought a lot of rain to my friends in Tennessee. If you can, please consider helping [livejournal.com profile] moonstone_fae out? Flooding took out her house and what little she had left has been taken by douchebag looters. She has a running list of things she needs here.
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Just as I suspected, the weatherman lied and it ended up being a sunny day. A bit humid though so I am grateful we had an indoor ritual. As much as I like being out in the elements, I dont like being uncomfortable and I'm sure the bride would have sweated to death!

She had a lovely Celtic-inspired gown, very pretty girl. Her husband is adorable. He kinda looks like Noah Wyle! They are a very cute couple and clearly smitten with each other.

I didnt pass out from nervousness!

I'm still trying to process how to define what it was like for me. Its a very different feeling to be the one steering the ship instead of just being part of the crew. I'm also a very analytical person and right now I'm in the headspace of critiquing myself. Then I start feeling guilty for judging myself. Oh what fun my brain is! I really am my own worst enemy.

I did have a lovely time of it though. I definitely felt that "shift" in my consciousness and I love that feeling of being surrounded by that sacred bliss. I swear if there was a drug out there that could mimic that feeling I would be a hopeless, hardcore junkie. It was very cute and sweet to watch two people gazing adoringly at each other as they took their vows. I am very honored that they included me in such a special moment in their lives.

The arm chair quarterback in me is saying there's tremendous value in having rituals memorized or just "going with the flow" and speaking from the heart. Almost all rituals I do are spontaneous things. The only times I have scripted things were when I was leading a group ritual and each time I do it I say I wish I had not been scripted. I must have some Virgo in my natal chart because I constantly have this compulsion to have things done proper...which is what prompts me to script things. But then my gut starts screaming at me that it doesnt NEED to be scripted and that just letting energy build and flow naturally with good people is the best kind of magick out there. In the end, Miss Organized wins because someone else's wedding isnt the time to be experimental.

All in all, was good! Thank you all, so much for the support and happy thoughts. I really appreciate that there are people out there who are so supportive of me. Y'all truly are my Family of Choice and I hope you all understand what that means to me. And I am looking forward to doing more Priestess type events! The anxiety was horrible, but I know the only way that will go away is if I get more comfortable with getting out and DOING things.
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Made it out of bed a little stiff and sore, but otherwise ok. I'm going to take a nice hot pre-ritual soak in the tub before I get ready this afternoon.

The weather is not looking like its going to be cooperative, go figure. The sun is peeking out right now but all the weather gurus are saying its gonna be a stormy day. The bride came up with an alternate indoor plan so I did a re-write of the opening. I'm still going for a prop-free ritual just because I like the simplicity of it all.

Happy Beltane to all my beloved friends! Even if you arent Pagan, I hope you enjoy the bounties of Spring! Dont forget, its the sex holiday so I expect each and every one of you to engage in a little bit of phallic worship!
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I've been struggling all month with trying to write this entry. I'm nowhere near as talented and eloquent as people like [livejournal.com profile] theferrett or [livejournal.com profile] popfiend or any of the other "famous" bloggers out there. I'm just little ol' me. I'm making this entry public because I think awareness is important in preventing child abuse. I'm doing so with the understanding that some of what I may say might upset or surprise people who have known me since childhood (especially people who I might be related to), and while I apologize in advance I hope you understand why this issue is so important to me.

I am a survivor of child abuse.

I dont say this to garner pity. I certainly dont say it to create drama in my life. It is what it is, and it has shaped me (both good and bad) into the adult I have become. I'm not going to cite a laundry list of the offenses that were committed during my childhood and adolescence. Frankly I think that just shifts attention to the perpetrator and she ceased having the right to share space with me a long time ago. And again...I'm not here for a pity party.

What I DO want to talk about is abuse and its impact. Of course, there's physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. I dont mean to imply one type deserves more talking about than another, but since my experience is with emotional and (to a lesser extent) physical, that's what I'll focus more on.

Cut in case its triggery to some... )
Now...if you're a parent, go hug your kid and tell them that no matter what they do or what direction their life takes them, you will always love them. And mean it.
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This morning I realized I had left my laptop open all night. Thor took it upon himself to type a message in the Google Search bar:


What does it MEAN????? Was it some secret kitten code to his Alien Overlords? I better give him some extra catnip and sink lovin' time so he'll be in a happy mood. You know...just in case I have an unexpected knock at my door.
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As if banning Constance and the other "undesirables" from prom wasnt enough, now these precious inbred redneck excuses for children have made a Facebook page to post pictures of their "special" prom and make fun of her.


The page has been pretty well hijacked by people ripping them for their poor taste, but if you scroll down you'll see the future leaders of Mississippi in all their shining glory.
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Just when you think people havent gotten low enough...

You might recall hearing last month about a girl in Mississippi named Constance McMillan. She lives in northern MS and attends a school in Itawamba. There was a buzz because Constance wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom. Oh, and she wanted to wear a tux. When she asked school officials for the ok, they predictably told her no. Not only did they tell her no, to make sure she didnt gate crash they cancelled prom altogether!

As shy and withdrawn as I was in high school, I probably would have tucked my tail between my legs and crawled under a rock until people forgot who I was. Constance, however, stood up for herself. The ACLU got involved on Constance's behalf and not surprisingly the school district tried to avoid the hot water it was suddenly finding itself in.

The school district's attorneys told the Judge that Constance (and all the kids) were being invited to a parent-sponsored prom being held somewhere in town. Based upon the way they presented the situation, the Judge did not grant the injunction forcing them to allow Constance to go to prom. Because according to them, this parent-sponsored event was open to everyone - including Constance. It didnt seem like a perfect solution, but it was better than nothing, right?

Except it was all a lie.

Oh, Constance was invited to a prom. A FAKE prom...where only she and 7 other kids attended. I'll bet the other kids were also gay or Constance's loudest supporters. Meanwhile, the REST of the kids were at the "real" prom which was held at a "secret location".

I'm beyond shocked. Am I shocked about discrimination against a lesbian? Not at all. Am I shocked that this took place in Bumpkinville? Nope. However, I am shocked that these people stood in a courtroom just a few days ago and completely misrepresented the situation to buy themselves enough time to effectively screw over a kid who committed the heinous crime of standing up for her rights.

At this point its unclear who is behind all of this. There's rumors that school officials were involved in helping set up the fake prom scenario but that may or may not be true. Personally I think its true because how on earth could you plan such an elaborate scam without the school administrators?

Shame, shame, shame on you Mississippi. And Constance? I hope you sue the SHIT outta them.
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We dumped out Time Warner Cable this week in exchange for Netflix. Most of our favorite TV shows are viewable online these days and Netflix can keep our movie cravings satisfied. Jared set up the Xbox to play the Netflix instant view catalog. I also discovered last night that Netflix is apparently partnered up with Starz so now we can see all of the current Starz catalog. YAY! More efficient budgeting FTW!

My enabling skills are intact. I have totally hooked Rhoni on Spartacus: Blood and Sand. She was not happy when I told her we dumped the cable but the blow was severely lessened when I reassured her that she could still see up-to-date episodes of Spartacus. I've also gotten Jared hooked on Farscape and I am insisting he watch The Greatest American Hero after that.

I just got done watching Bubba Ho-Tep. I adore Bruce Campbell! Next up: Killer Klownz from Outer Space.
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I offered to do this for one of my LJ friends who was wanting to gain new readers.

With most social media sites, I can take 'em or leave 'em. But not you, my beloved LJ. I've been here for nearly 10 years (ZOMG really?) and I can honestly say participating here has really changed my life in ways I never thought imaginable. What started out as "therapy" turned into so much more for me.

I credit friends for that. People here are just...nifty! You've all enriched my life, given me things to ponder and taught me plenty about life, the universe, and everything else.

Now make friends! Pimp yourselves out! Hell, pimp me out!

Frenzy away, friends!
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Saturday I had Rhoni and her son over for a night of TV watching and my World Famous Tacos. Jared was kinda bummed that he was missing Taco Night due to work so I told him that if he woke me up when he got home from work, I would make him fresh tacos. He gets off work at 2:30am.

We stuffed ourselves silly with taco goodness, Rhoni and I. She left around 10pm and shortly thereafter I lapsed into my Food Coma. I woke up around 2am so I figured I'd watch a little TV and make Jared's tacos when he walked in the door.

3am rolls around. No Jared. I get a little concerned because he took the car and he's pretty new to driving. 3:30 hits and my concern starts to drift into Worry. I start thinking that any minute now I'm gonna get a call from the hospital or something equally horrific.

Finally around 3:45 I cant stand it any longer. I call his cell and he answers. Now, I will preface this by saying I did NOT begin the phone call saying "Get your ass home!" I did ask him where he was and he told me he was still at work, chatting with the security guards who he had befriended. He then tells me he's leaving now.

And I hear the guys in the background laughing their asses off!

Apparently right before I called, Jared had just finished telling the guys that oh no, his old lady didnt mind him hanging out after work because she was asleep! I found this highly amusing, so I said "Awwww...did I make you look bad in front of your new friends?" Jared kinda chuckled and then got all cute and poutily said "Yes!" So I gave him permission to save face in front of the Homies.

He fires back yelling into the phone, "Dont give me no lip woman! I'll be home when I'm damned good and ready to be home!"

When I hung up, the guys were laughing even harder. And yes, he did get his tacos.
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THIS is why our Emergency Room went from mildly busy to ZOMG this afternoon.


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