Apr. 26th, 2010

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I've been struggling all month with trying to write this entry. I'm nowhere near as talented and eloquent as people like [livejournal.com profile] theferrett or [livejournal.com profile] popfiend or any of the other "famous" bloggers out there. I'm just little ol' me. I'm making this entry public because I think awareness is important in preventing child abuse. I'm doing so with the understanding that some of what I may say might upset or surprise people who have known me since childhood (especially people who I might be related to), and while I apologize in advance I hope you understand why this issue is so important to me.

I am a survivor of child abuse.

I dont say this to garner pity. I certainly dont say it to create drama in my life. It is what it is, and it has shaped me (both good and bad) into the adult I have become. I'm not going to cite a laundry list of the offenses that were committed during my childhood and adolescence. Frankly I think that just shifts attention to the perpetrator and she ceased having the right to share space with me a long time ago. And again...I'm not here for a pity party.

What I DO want to talk about is abuse and its impact. Of course, there's physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. I dont mean to imply one type deserves more talking about than another, but since my experience is with emotional and (to a lesser extent) physical, that's what I'll focus more on.

Cut in case its triggery to some... )
Now...if you're a parent, go hug your kid and tell them that no matter what they do or what direction their life takes them, you will always love them. And mean it.


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